Churcham Parish Council Alert!

On October 8th, the Cabinet of the Forest of Dean District Council approved a new settlement as the preferred option for the housing plan for the district. This preferred option is to site 4000 houses between the A40 and A48 in the parish of Churcham. The extent of this development if approved will cover an area of 470 acres. The parish council have not been consulted on the strategy and are against a development of this size in the parish. indeed it will change our rural community into a urban one.

Also the traffic this development will generate will be disabling for the parish and cause major problems on our road network. We have no details or been consulted over this, we don’t know where it is being sited or what landowners are being affected.

Forest of Dean have a further meeting on the 15th October 2020 to put forward the strategy to the planning committee, if approved there will be an 8 week consultation period where the parish council and parish can then express our views. It seems perverse that a strategy to site a development of this size in our community is being taken and us the residents only have a chance to comment after the strategy is decided!!!

John Francis – Chairman, Churcham Parish Council

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  1. David Robinson
    David Robinson says:

    This is an absolute game changer for Churcham. And while I think people have to live somewhere and a new town could possibly be an asset to the area, the lack of adequate rapid transport links from this side of the river into Gloucester and Cheltenham make this a none starter.

  2. Sharon Springel
    Sharon Springel says:

    This project is grossly unreasonable and will transform an already dire traffic situation into total gridlock. To force one area to absorb the full burden by dumping 4000 plus houses into one ill-conceived development is short sighted, lazy and wilfully negligent to say the least.


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