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Over 7400 People Object to Forest of Dean Housing Plan!

Re-think on plans for new foresr village – The Forester

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7,000 sign petition against homes plan – The Forester

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FoDDC agree to build new town on green fields… Have your say!

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Map of Forest of Dean District

Important Dates

Thursday 27th October – Friday 29th January 2021

FoD Local Plan Consultation

What people are saying …

Anyone from the Forest who has been stuck in the traffic either on the A40 or the A48 for up to an hour in the morning going up to the roundabout will know this is a stupid idea. You can’t plan journeys or make morning appointments because you have no idea how long the journey will take.

This huge development is next to a World recognised site for migrating birds at Walmore Common. If it goes ahead there will be catastrophic harm to migrating birds.

Such a large developement changes the nature of the forest of dean, a place enjoyed for it’s rural nature by locals and tourists alike.

Whilst I accept the need for more housing rural land is very important not only for farming but for the mental health and wellbeing of many. Do not take this away.

There is no effective road infrastructure to take this amount of houses!

Take Action

Take action against the preferred plan by:

(1)  Signing the petition

(2) Writing to the District Council

Read the Six Parish Report on The Local Plan "Preferred Option" ... Click here